Strawbale house

This is the log of my experience building my straw bale home. I am told the pictures do not do the actual finished product justice, however, I am pleased to share it with all who are interested on this site. The trials and tribulations in getting the permit could have brought the project to an abrupt halt, but I knew in my heart that this was something I was meant to do and giving in or quiting was never an option. Enjoy........ and feel free to share with your friends!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Landscaping ready for plants...

Looking west -pathways complete for the first phase.
Pine wood chips
Looking east along the front of the house. Cedar posts, pine woodchips, natural rocks from the property all extending the natural feel of the project.
Front entrance.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More landscaping...

This is the garage end. Slowly building up the grade and finishing off with pine chips. I would have preferred cedar, but could not source any.
Flower bed beside the main entrance.
Main entrance.
Moving the big rock! Thank goodness for great neighbours with the right equipment for the job!
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The Evolution of Landscaping..

Landscaping is taking shape. Using rocks off the property and the cedar posts.
There is plenty of good topsoil from when the site was cleared.
Incorporating old tree roots for texture and height.
Pine chips (also called nuggets apparently) were very hard to source but I finally found some.
Most of these plants are annual and will be lifted in the fall, when I will plant perennials.
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